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3 Hidden Gems In Halkidiki

August is the hottest month of the summer and is the best time for everyone to pick their next summer destination. One of the most wonderful places for someone to be this summer is Halkidiki.  Halkidiki is one of the biggest peninsulas in Greece and it's famous because of its trident shape. There are so many things that someone can do on his vacation in Halkidiki and the reason why is that this place is the perfect combination of mountains with beautiful forests and beaches with crystal blue water and golden sand.

One another reason why the Halkidiki is the perfect summer destination is because of the hidden gems that someone can explore and be amazed by them. If you want to see many different and wonderful secret gems of Halkidiki, this place might be the best decision of your life. The pro tip that you must keep before you explore all these natural treasures is to book an e-bike tour that is provided by ebikehalkidiki.com. So don’t miss the chance and give it a try.

If you are interested in what these places are, you are in the right place. Keep reading and you will find the 3 off the beaten paths of Halkidiki.

1. Kavourotrypes beach

The first place that is a secret gem and someone must visit in Halkidiki is the Kavourotrypes beach which is a small, orange, and beautiful beach for every age and can satisfy every traveler. It’s like a small hidden paradise in Halkidiki and the beach is separated into two smaller parts. In one of the two parts, someone could find an organized beach and a beach bar. On the north side of Kavourotrypes, you can visit a more quiet beach that is perfect if you need some more time alone and to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

2. Bahia beach

The second hidden beautiful beach that you can reach on Halkidiki is the Bahia beach. This beach is a nice place and it’s located near the Zografou beach. There you can find a beach bar, which is famous mostly for young people who wants to enjoy themselves with music, good friends and a tasty cocktail. This place is one of the most perfect places for snorkeling and scuba diving because the waters are getting deeper and deeper. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful beach.

 3. Petralona Cave and the 700,000-year-old man

Last but not least, there is one more hidden gem that is a must-visit in Halkidiki. That place is a cave that is 700.000 years old, and there was discovered the skull of an Archanthrapus (aged 30-35 years old). This cave is one of the most impressive caves in Europe and one of the most important and famous attractions in Halkidiki and Greece in general. In this cave, you can admire some stalactites in the ceiling and while you are walking around this old finding, you can let yourself travel many centuries ago.