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The 4 Top European Ski Resorts To Visit This Winter

Winter is probably one of the most wonderful times of the year for traveling and visiting new European destinations. There are so many amazing countries that are perfect especially when it comes to winter and the Christmas holidays.

Of course, Europe is well known for the amazing ski resorts that you can visit. There are so many wonderful and snowy ski resorts all around the continent that you can choose from. Therefore if you are planning to have a ski break this winter you are in the right place. Why?

Because reading below you will find the 4 best European ski resorts where you will be able to practice skiing and at the same time explore a whole new city.

1. Avoriaz, France

The first and probably the most amazing ski resort is located in France. There are a lot of ski resorts around the French Alps, but Avoriaz is one of the most popular ones. In case you are wondering what makes this place so special, keep reading and you will find out. This location is a picturesque resort where you can ski across French borders into Italy. There are many pistes and zones that are very promising to give you an amazing experience. Also, before booking your accommodation in this place, don’t forget to take a look at Nuco Travel, as long as you will maybe find the place that fits your needs.

2. Courchevel, France

Another amazing ski resort is Curvelet and it’s also located in France. It’s known as Three Valleys and it’s probably one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe. There are amazing and long pistes around the place where many events are taking place every single day. It’s a resort that is not only the favorite one for serious skiers but it’s a beginner-friendly place where a beginner will be able to practice and learn more about this winter sport. So, if you are willing to learn how to ski but you don’t know where or when this place might be perfect for you.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

The third ski resort that is high on the list of every skier, is Zermatt resort in Switzerland. This place is making the difference as long as Matterhorn is the main landmark in the whole area which is actually making the whole scenery even more beautiful. Zermatt is known for the long runs and the wide pistes where you will be able to practice your skills and become better and better at your favorite winter sport. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and you are afraid of long pistes, there are zones just for you.

4. Kitzbuhel, Austria

Last but not least, another amazing ski destination is located in Austria and it’s the Kitzbuhel ski resort. This place is probably one of the most beautiful places around Austria and the main village of the resort is actually amazing itself. This place is well known for the high-altitude and long pistes around the place where a skier is going to have a lifetime experience. Also, there are many pricey and luxurious hotels around the area where you can stay and many wonderful restaurants to grab a bite after a long day of skiing.

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