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Mega Yacht vs. Superyacht: What's The Difference?

In terms of all-around entertainment and magnificent cruise experience, yachts run the show due to their wide range of size, function, and appearance, suitable for varying activities. You can grab your rods to go fishing, strap on your water gears for water sports, or slay your sparkling clothes for night cruise parties. 

However, maybe all you have heard are yachts; that's why you can be unaware of mega yachts and superyachts. While these terms may confuse you, this article will explain their differences and features.

How Is Mega Yacht Different From Superyacht?

You can differentiate mega yachts from superyachts with size, capacity, uses, and facilities. To explain these further, continue reading below! 

1. Size

Mega yachts have a minimum size of 200 feet or 60 metres. They can reach over 80 metres or 260 feet. On the other hand, superyachts are smaller because they only have a minimum size of 78 feet or 24 metres. 

2. Capacity

Since mega yachts have bigger sizes than superyachts, the former can accommodate more than twelve guests and numerous private crews to provide a guest-to-crew ratio of customised service. They also have the licence to board many people on the cruise.

Meanwhile, superyachts only have communal living areas and deluxe rooms for six to twelve guests. It will only be suitable for families or friends who want to experience a luxurious cruise getaway. 

3. Uses

If you want the most spectacular service and escapade, you can opt for a mega yacht! They can provide high-end personal or private accommodation to circle the world with the best experience possible. On the flip side, superyachts are more advisable for families and friends looking for luxury, comfort, and privacy in travelling to destinations. 

4. Facilities

Despite a smaller size than a mega yacht, superyachts can offer the following:

  • Waterline swimming platforms
  • Jacuzzis
  • Entertainment zones
  • Dining spaces; and
  • A wide range of water activity options

If you want something more significant, a mega yacht has these facilities below:

  • Fitness centres
  • Theatres
  • Water sport facilities
  • Helipads
  • Private decks
  • Beach clubs
  • High-speed boats; and
  • Spas

Top 3 Biggest Mega Yachts

Here are three of the most famous and substantial mega yachts.

1. Azzam Yacht

The Azzam Yacht is the world's longest yacht with a 180-metre space that can accommodate up to 36 guests with 80 crew members. They have 18 guest cabins, a massive private owner's suite, a golf room, several pools, jacuzzi, and a gym. If you want to take your time beautifying yourself, you can go to their beauty salon and spa.

Worry not about getting disturbed because Azzam Yacht minimises the noise and vibration even at full speed.

2. Fulk Al Salamah Yacht

Fulk Al Salamah Yacht is a 164-metre mega yacht that can welcome up to 40 guests and a hundred crews. They are the third longest yacht with gold-plated fixtures inside. They have a private gym, beach club, beauty salon, and a helicopter platform. Furthermore, you can spend your time in their shaded lounge area, outdoor dining and seating, and massive dining room. 

3. Eclipse Blohm + Voss Yacht

Holding 36 guests and 70 crew members is possible with Eclipse's 18 cabins. You can have fun with their leisure submarine, 16-metre swimming pool, beach club, gym, deck jacuzzi, and sauna. Additionally, they can give you access to a fireplace, beauty salon, elevator, and underwater lights.

Top 3 Biggest Superyachts

On the other hand, the following are the best superyachts.

1. Baraka Yacht

The Baraka Yacht has a size of 58 metres that can accommodate up to twelve guests. They have six suites, including a private owner's suite, two double cabins, one VIP cabin, and two twin cabins. Your love for books and relaxation will also get satisfied with Baraka's customised library.

Moreover, Baraka also has a well-equipped gym, onboard elevator, wheelchair access, and deck jacuzzi. If you want to feel the water, you can ask for their diving equipment, snorkelling gears, and kayaks. 

2. Elixir Amels Yacht

Elixir Amels Yacht's 55-metre space can welcome up to twelve guests and fifteen crew in six lounges. They have a private owner's suite, three double cabins, and two twin rooms.

This superyacht will not lose in terms of superb facilities because they have a sky lounge cinema, fold-down sea balcony, dive centre, and beach club with a built-in sauna. Furthermore, their sundeck includes outdoor seating, an onyx bar, a barbecue grill, and sun pads.

3. Mustique

Lastly, Mustique has a 55-metre accommodation for twelve guests. They offer one private owner's suite, one VIP cabin, three double cabins, and one twin cabin.

This superyacht is a child-friendly set-up for families because they have many water toys and accessories. Moreover, they also have deck jacuzzi, waterski, sport boats, kayaks, and wakeboards.

Sail The Seas With Mega Yachts And Superyachts!

Going on a journey from coast to coast is much better with an exceptional escapade in a mega yacht or superyacht. While these water vessels vary in many ways, choosing one must depend on your budget, number of people, and preferred facilities.

If you want such breathtaking experiences, you can find a large range of super and mega yachts for sale to start sailing the seas today!

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