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The Best Guided New Orleans Tours in New Orleans.

From the  jazz clubs and delightful Creole cuisine in the French Quarter, to the shimmering wetlands and awe-inspiring plantations that line the city’s outer limits, let yourself dive into New Orleans’ seemingly infinite array of delights – it's an experience you won't soon forget!

Ready to explore the unique delights of NOLA? From delicious eats to wild gator watching, you won't want to miss out on all that this city has to offer - catch a tour and get an up-close look at why New Orleans is so special!

In New Orleans, walking tours are a great way to explore the city. Whether self-directed or with a guide on a guided tour of New Orleans, visitors may choose to spend several hours touring the French Quarter or Garden District and observing the local landmarks.

Visitors can explore the Creole culture of New Orleans through a food tour, while pub and cocktail tours provide information on the city's boozy history. Those interested in exploring different aspects of New Orleans' past can visit a plantation or view voodoo culture at the city's old cemeteries.

There are many activities to do in New Orleans, making it hard to decide which are best. In order to make things easier, below is a list of recommended tours in the city. Following these can ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable experience while exploring this unique Louisiana destination.

1. Take a Walking Tour of the Garden District

If you want to get the most out of your experience in this beautiful area, try taking a tour — you'll learn so much about its history, culture, and architecture!

Tour the Garden District for an unbeatable New Orleans' adventure! We liked Nola Tour Guy tours the best, so come explore this charming and historic neighborhood with them.

Embark on a two-hour journey of discovery through tree-canopied avenues, regal 19th century abodes, and luxuriant gardens; your guide will share intriguing anecdotes and facts en route - even taking you past the homes of Anne Rice, Sandra Bullock and John Goodman!

2. Marvel at the Historic Oak Alley Plantation"

An often overlooked yet incredible experience in New Orleans is the Oak Alley Plantation tour. Located around an hour away from the French Quarter, this stunning plantation dates back to 1839 and has become an iconic landmark of American history. As one of the most photographed plantations in America, Oak Alley stands out due to its distinctive canopy of 250-year-old oak trees stretching 800 feet from the mansion to the Mississippi River. It’s no wonder it has been used for filming movies such as Interview with a Vampire and Primary Colors.

But a visit to Oak Alley Plantation comes along with a difficult history centered around slavery. This reality strikes many visitors and confront them with dark, burdened memories of this era. While this plantation tour is captivating and informative, it’s not for everyone – especially those looking for a more lighthearted experience in New Orleans. For those willing to bear witness, however, Oak Alley Plantation provides a remarkable opportunity to respect and marvel at its complexity and grandeur.

3. Learn more about New Orleans Unique Mardi Gras Traditions

It’s impossible to talk about New Orleans without talking about Mardi Gras, and now even if you can’t make it during the actual celebration in late February, you can still get a behind-the-scenes look at this beloved time of year with a tour of Mardi Gras World. As soon as you enter the enormous warehouse, you’ll be amazed by the intricate designs and colors of all the massive floats. You can stroll through for an hour or so and watch as artists, architects and painters work together to create these incredible sights that are essential to the festivities.

With such variety in store, it will take some time to take it all in! Don’t forget to stop off at the light hearted movie theater where visitors can enjoy an informative film about New Orleans' Mardi Gras traditions as well as one free slice of king cake, considered classic cuisine for this special holiday period. No matter when you visit, if New Orleans is on your bucket list then visiting Mardi Gras World is a must; there really isn't another opportunity like it on earth!

4. Take a French Quarter Tour

Exploring the French Quarter of New Orleans can be an incredibly enjoyable and memorable experience, making a walking tour an ideal way to make the most of your time in the city. There are plenty of options when it comes to picking out the best walking tour for you – from interesting and entertaining pub crawls to spooky paranormal investigations. Our top suggestion for a French Quarter walking tour is the two-hour Free French Quarter Walking Tour with Nola Tour Guy.

On this exciting guided journey, you’ll be taken through some of New Orleans' most iconic attractions such as St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and the Mississippi Riverfront - all while learning intriguing tales of its past. Your knowledgeable guide will be sure to supply you with anecdotes concerning the famous eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings, while giving a glimpse into what life was like back then with details on some of its less conventional inhabitants!

5. Cemetery Tour

Discover the captivating cemeteries of New Orleans, appearing in countless classics such as Easy Rider and the celebrated Anne Rice novels. Uncover the fascinating stories, and explore the cultural, ethnic, economic and historical roots that have defined this iconic city for centuries.

New Orleans was founded by the French in 1718. The Treaty of Paris in 1763 ceded it to the Spanish. During the Revolutionary War, it was a key port for sneakily sending aid to the patriots. In 1803, France regained control before selling New Orleans as part of the Louisiana Purchase to Thomas Jefferson. Over the 19th century, multiple cultures like French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean left their mark on New Orleans - from its architecture to food paradigms and burial practices - which remain evident today.

We Loved Nola Tour Guy's Two Saints Cemetery tour of St Louis #3, a beautiful cemetery in historic Bayou St John Neighborhood.

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