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Rome pre cruise tour in less than a day? It’s possible!

The ideal when visiting a city is to spend at least a few days there, to be able to see as much as possible. But this is not always an option! If you're just passing through Rome because you're on a cruise and you're still curious to see the best places the capital has to offer, here's how to take advantage of the few hours before embarking on your cruise from Civitavecchia!

How to visit Rome in less than a day

Are you at the airport in Rome and need to embark in Civitavecchia? You can take advantage of the offers of agencies that provide a Rome pre cruise tour, such as the option offered by the agency Romecabs. A driver will take care of everything: he will pick you up at the airport and guide you to the most beautiful and famous places in Rome, and then take you comfortably to the port of Civitavecchia where you can take the ship. In just a few hours you will be able to see many of the beauties that the capital hosts, including the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps, but also the Janiculum hill, from which you can admire a wonderful view of the Eternal City.

All the comforts of the tour

Why choose to visit Rome with an agency? The advantages are many: you won't have to worry about moving from the airport to the city, nor about transport to Civitavecchia and the port. The suitcases you bring will travel with you all the time, so you save on storage and have all your items available, in case of need. You don't even need to prepare an itinerary to visit the city, or stress out from one place to another: your expert driver will take care of everything, leaving you only the fun and surprise part of discovering the attractions. At the end of the visit, the driver will take you directly to the entrance of your cruise ship, so as to save you time and effort. In short, a Rome pre cruise tour is the perfect way to take advantage of every moment before your cruise, so as not to miss anything in the capital, even in just a few hours!

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