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How To Keep Travel Pillows In Good Condition

It makes total sense for those constantly traveling to carry travel pillows. Whether you’re traveling by land, boat, or air, it's essential to get a shuteye to feel refreshed and rested after some hours of travel.

Travel pillows come in various shapes and types. Generally, they can be made from latex foam, memory foam, or even buckwheat. And depending on your needs and preference, the right pillow may vary from one person to another.

For instance, if you’re looking for a compact pillow that can offer optimum support to your body while traveling, a buckwheat pillow would be ideal. Furthermore, you can check this video:, to learn how buckwheat pillows can be an excellent travel pillow companion. 

Maintaining Your Travel Pillows

Much like any travel essential, your travel pillow can also get dirty and may even have bacteria buildup over time. And in some cases, they could get deformed or damaged if not cared for properly.

To prevent these, it's best to know how you can keep them in pristine condition rightfully. After all, travel pillows certainly allow your muscles to relax while you’re on the go. And a well-maintained one can serve you for a long time. In fact, you can learn more here about their benefits and understand why you must carry them during your trips.

Having said that, it pays to know how to keep your travel pillows in good condition so you can use and maximize them for a long time.

  1. Clean Them Before And After Use

Be a mindful traveler by not just planning your trip efficiently but also taking care of your belongings and travel essentials. This includes the task of cleaning your travel pillow.

So, consider removing the pillowcase from your travel pillow and washing it once you’ve settled in your destination. Consequently, cover it with a freshly washed pillowcase or cover before departure. Doing so can help ensure that it’s clean before you use it and after exposure to the outdoors and dirt.

  1. Remove Odors By Laying Them Out In The Sun

Since travel pillows are likely to get exposed to different environments, they’re prone to accumulate foul odors over time. One quick solution is to sit your pillow out in the sunlight.

The foul smell can quickly go away through a full day sun-bath, but a few hours would also work. When doing this, make sure the weather in your area features sunny and clear skies and that there’s no chance of rain or drizzle so your pillow can remain dry. You can also shift its side, so the entire pillow can be dried and exposed to the sun.

But aside from the odor, sunning your travel pillow can also clear them against germs and bacteria. Exposure to the sun can help kill mildew, dust mites, and allergens in your pillow.

  1. Use Washing Machine To Wash It

Although pillows Made in USA are durable and made in high quality, you'd want to know more about their components and the proper care. Fortunately, there are some tags on the pillow as to whether it can be washed or not.

Machine-washable neck pillows can be cleaned with a mild detergent, and you can use lukewarm water for washing.  It would also be best to separately wash the pillows from other clothes so there won't be possible stains or fabric damage.

The instructions on caring for your travel pillow should tell you if it can be dried.  In some cases, some pillows need to be dried under the sun, not via the dryer machine. But, when using the dryer, ensure that you’re using a low-temperature setting. Otherwise, simply hang them outside until the sun can dry them naturally.

  1. Handwash The Pillow

As for non-machine washable pillows, it's best to hand wash them instead. To do this, fill up a basin with lukewarm or cold water and add a mild detergent. You can submerge the entire pillow and squeeze out all the excess. You can do this cycle until there’s no more soap found in the water. Finally, you can hang it outside to dry up under the sun. 

You can also use a wet rag to scrub the surfaces of the pillow. And instead of applying detergent directly onto the pillow, put it on the rag and use it to clean your pillow's surfaces. Stick to using mild laundry detergent soap, and don't use bleach. And in some cases, you can also sprinkle baking soda to remove odor and stain.

Wrapping Up

There are no unique cleaning materials or soaps needed to ensure the cleanliness of your travel pillow. No matter how busy you are after your trip or upon departure, it's recommended to put a bit of effort into maintaining the condition of your travel pillows.

Considering how useful they can be to make your trip relaxing and comfortable, it's only essential to care for your travel pillows.

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