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A 7 Day Itinerary of Guatemala

Guatemala is a land of ancient cultures, rich history and fascinating cities to explore. From the vibrant streets of Guatemala City to the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala offers a wealth of exotic and spectacular locations. A 7 day trip to the country isn’t enough time to see all of its breath-taking sights, but just enough to see its main attractions. 

The country is fairly easy to get to. A great way to reach the country is by Tropic Air, which offers service to both Guatemala City and Flores. Travel by land is another convenient option. Several major highways lead into the country, especially from neighbouring Belize. The country’s transportation infrastructure is extensive and offers travel access by air, sea and land from many other countries nearby. A great place to start your trip to Guatemala is the nation’s capital and largest city, Guatemala City. Guatemala City boasts everything from historic sites to fascinating museums to rich Spanish architecture. A top destination in the city is Palacio Nacional, the city’s heart and soul and the centre of the Guatemalan government. Tours of the building are available to the public while the neighbouring Parque Central is often filled with buskers, dancers, musicians, vendors and unique people from all over. Another great attraction is Kaminaljuyu, an ancient Mayan ruin in the centre of the city. Guatemala City is also home to a plethora of interesting museums and galleries such as the National History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Archaeology and Ethnology Museum and the fascinating Ixchel Museum of Traditional Costumes. Other top attractions include the Aurora Zoo, Jardines Botanico and the Museo Miraflores, a museum that exhibits ancient Mayan history and culture with a central focus on the Kaminaljuyu site. No trip to Guatemala is complete without a stop at an ancient Mayan site. These sites are truly breath-taking and hold the ruins of the Mayan people, early natives of Guatemala. The most celebrated site is Tikal, the largest and most iconic of the ruins. Located just outside the city of Flores, Tikal plays host to spectacular ruins such as the Jaguar Temple, Temple IV, the Great Plaza and the Central Acropolis. Another fascinating archeological site is El Mirador, a huge site located in the Peten region. As with Tikal, El Mirador boasts an incredible array of ancient ruins to discover. Other top sites for Mayan ruins include Nakum, Yaxha and Aguateca, home to some of the most beautifully-preserved ruins in the country, there are also any family holiday parks to see. Guatemala is home to a number of colourful and vibrant cities to visit as well, even outside of Guatemala City. Antigua Guatemala, the historic colonial capital of Spain’s territories in Central America, boasts a number of historic and cultural sites like the Cathedral de Santiago and Parque Central. The island city of Flores is another leading destination, home to attractions like the Petencito Zoo and the Ak’tun Kan cave. Other top cities include Coban, Quetzaltenango and Sayaxche. Finally, those visiting Guatemala on a 7 day excursion should make a point to explore its wide array of natural treasures. Lake Atitlan is a beautiful, picturesque lake situated in the mountains of western Guatemala. The nation’s small Caribbean coastline offers a bevy of world-class beaches while the Pacific Highlands region plays host to magnificent beaches, quaint villages and Pacaya Volcano, an impressive, active volcano near the coastline.

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