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5 Ways to Stay Comfortable When Traveling on a Train

Traveling by train can be an incredible and relaxing experience, allowing you to soak in the scenic views while reaching your destination more comfortably than ever — if you follow our tips, that is.

From the perfect train travel shoes for women to the preferred train travel toiletries, we’ll explore some ways to enhance your comfort when traveling by train and include certain essential items you should bring along.

Find Comfort Through Peace of Mind

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Find Comfort Through Peace of Mind

Even when your body is done for the day and wants nothing more than to go down for a full-blown sleep, stress can keep you awake. So keep your mind feeling as comfortable with the experience as your body, and consider bringing:

Luggage Locks

Imagine boarding a train, settling into your seat and starting to enjoy the ride. The sights and excitement will be grand, and after some time, you will be ready to wander around and explore. This is a lot easier to do when you have the confidence that your belongings are secure. Luggage locks are a must-have item for any train traveler concerned about the safety of their possessions to deter potential thieves and enjoy the journey with peace of mind.

Disinfectant Wipes

While trains are cleaned regularly, it doesn't eliminate the risk of surfaces having germs or bacteria on them. Luckily, disinfectant wipes are a simple solution to keep your immediate surroundings clean.


If you take any prescription medications or have specific health needs, make sure to carry an adequate supply for the duration of your journey.

Find Comfort Through a Serene Setting

Trains are arguably already one of the most serene settings there is, so make sure you have what you need to complete or complement the setting and passing scenery.

Ear Plugs/Headphones

On long journeys especially, there will come a point where you will want to be able to tune out the world around you and focus on your own thoughts. Trains and train stations are bustling places filled with noise and commotion. So consider investing in some good and comfortable earplugs or headphones for some serene silence (or music) to enjoy the scenery with.

Additional Entertainment

Bring along a good book, magazine, puzzle, deck of cards, scratch ticket or knitting project because while there will be lots of sights when traveling the rails, there will also likely be a lot of downtime that could be better enjoyed in these ways. If you’re someone who enjoys documenting their experiences, consider bringing a travel journal to record your thoughts, impressions and memories from this special moment.


If you tend to prefer your digital forms of entertainment, then don't forget to pack your smartphone, tablet, laptop or otherwise. Load them up with movies, TV shows, podcasts, games or even work for an inspired but immersive experience. Just don't forget to make sure your phone, tablet or laptop has enough room for all of the pictures and memories you'll capture along the way!

Phone Charger, Adapter and Power Bank

If you're traveling internationally, be sure to carry a travel adapter to ensure compatibility with different power outlets in various countries. Aside from this, while trains DO often have power outlets, some only have a limited amount — so you'll want to have a power bank on hand as well.

Find Comfort Through Physical Features

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Find Comfort Through Physical Features

Soft and cozy items will almost always help to enhance your overall comfort and allow you to relax and enjoy the journey to its fullest.

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is a simple but significant accessory to enhance your comfort during long train journeys. By aligning your neck and spine, you can promote a more comfortable position and allow yourself to rest more successfully, or maybe even catch a nap.

Comfy Clothing

Be sure to pack or wear comfortable pants with a loose fit and a little bit of stretch, simple shirts made from comfortable and breathable materials, extra socks and comfortable shoes (bonus points for something that you can kick off easily when you want to put your feet up, like a pair of cute flats, sandals or slipper booties).

Small Travel Throw or Blanket Scarf

A compact, travel-sized blanket can provide added comfort and warmth, especially if you plan to sleep during the journey. With that said, we realize that even a small blanket or throw can leave your suitcase too cramped for comfort. If that’s the case, then consider wearing or packing a less-invasive blanket scarf instead.

Find Comfort Through Your Typical Toiletries

A small toiletry bag with certain essentials like your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant can help you to feel refreshed during the ride. Along with what was just mentioned, consider bringing along a:


Trains are often dry and stale environments inside. The lack of humidity and extended travel times can lead to dry skin, leaving you feeling parched and uncomfortable when you finally arrive at your destination. Moisturizer is an easy fix, though, so be sure to keep a tube handy and nourish your skin whenever needed.

Face/Baby Wipes

Face wipes or baby wipes are unrivaled when it comes to an easy refresher that everyone can see as much as you can feel. So whether they're for your face to refresh your mood and energy levels or they're for your feet to clean them up before you consider putting them back into your favorite sandals for women, we say do it.

Find Comfort Through Your Favorite Foods

Train rides can be lengthy, and access to food and beverages might be limited — so stock up a little before you leave. Opt for non-perishable snacks, resealable drinks and meals that don’t require refrigeration or reheating.


Snacks like granola bars, nuts or dried fruits that provide sustenance without the need for refrigeration will be the perfect thing for your journey. Along with being low maintenance, this is a snack that is easy to access and enjoy anytime, anywhere.


Be sure to carry at least a couple of bottles of water or juice with you to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Many trains even provide water dispensers or cafes where you can refill a reusable water bottle, so be sure to consider these as well.

Keeping the Pace with Train Travel

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Keeping the Pace with Train Travel

Traveling on a train can be a delightful experience, offering picturesque landscapes and a slower pace. By incorporating these essential items into your train travel routine, you can ensure that you keep that pace and accept maximum comfort throughout your journey — because from luggage locks to earplugs, these items will help you create the cozy and stress-free environment that you probably envisioned!

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