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The Best Places to Visit in Provence with the Family

Provence is an exceptional destination for family holidays. The picturesque French region has charming villages and beautiful lavender fields, perfect for strolling with the kids. You can also discover Roman ruins, shop at outdoor markets, and partake in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and kayaking. With its relaxed atmosphere and diverse offerings, Provence has the ideal setting for an enriching and enjoyable holiday with the family.

Here are the best places to visit in Provence with the family.


Avignon would make a fantastic base for your family holiday in Provence. Known as the "City of Popes," it boasts impressive medieval architecture, with the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) as its crown jewel. Book guided tours to explore this grand fortress and former papal residence to learn more about its storied past.

The city's well-preserved medieval walls and charming cobbled streets provide a delightful setting for relaxing strolls with the kids. Avignon's bustling markets, such as Les Halles d'Avignon, are perfect for sampling local delicacies and experiencing Provencal culture firsthand. Your kids will love the colourful displays of fruits, pastries, and artisanal goods.

Avignon's location along the Rhone River adds to its charm. Enjoy boat rides along the river, offering scenic views of the city and its iconic Pont Saint-Benezet (Avignon Bridge), immortalised in the famous nursery rhyme. Visit the city's parks, such as the Rocher des Doms, which has green spaces for picnics with panoramic views of the surrounding region.

With its rich history, vibrant markets, and beautiful natural setting, Avignon provides a diverse and engaging experience for families exploring Provence.


Gordes is one of Provence's most picturesque hilltop villages. It is one of those places you and your kids will enjoy exploring while on Provence. Sitting on the edge of the Vaucluse plateau, the village overlooks stunning panoramic views of the Luberon Valley.

The village has a maze of narrow, cobblestone streets lined with charming stone houses, inviting families to explore its historical and architectural beauty. Stop by the Chateau de Gordes, a medieval castle at the heart of the village. Wander through its halls and learn about the region's history while your kids imagine life in a castle.

Gordes is also known for its vibrant weekly market, held every Tuesday. Take your kids here, browse and sample local produce, cheeses, and crafts. The lively atmosphere and delicious foods provide a delightful way to bond with your little ones while experiencing Provencal culture together.

Visit the nearby Village des Bories for a unique educational experience. This open-air museum features traditional dry-stone huts that date back centuries, showcasing ancient rural architecture and offering a fascinating glimpse into historical village life.

If you love nature, you will appreciate the scenic hiking trails surrounding Gordes, taking you through lavender fields, olive groves, and vineyards. These trails are perfect for picnics, allowing you to bond amidst Provence's natural beauty.


Marseille is France's second-largest city. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it an exciting destination for a family vacation. While here, you can bond over historical landmarks, cultural experiences, and scenic beauty.

Start your adventure at the Old Port (Vieux-Port), the heart of Marseille, where you can watch fishermen unload their catch and explore the lively market. From here, embark on a boat trip to the Château d'If, the famous fortress prison from "The Count of Monte Cristo."

The city's historic district, Le Panier, with its narrow streets and colourful buildings, is perfect for a leisurely family stroll. Visit the Vieille Charite, a beautiful 17th-century almshouse now housing museums and art galleries. You'll love the district's artistic vibe and street art.

Take the family to Marseille's beaches, such as Plage des Catalans, a fun place to relax, swim, and play. Meanwhile, the Parc Borely, with its expansive gardens, playgrounds, and lake, is ideal for picnics and outdoor activities.

For an educational experience, head to MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations). Here, you and your kids can witness interactive and engaging exhibits. The nearby Fort Saint-Jean provides stunning views of the city and harbour.


Cassis is a charming fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of Provence. Known for its stunning cliffs, clear waters, and picturesque harbour, Cassis is a fantastic place to relax and bond with kids over outdoor activities.

One of the highlights of your visit is exploring the Calanques, a series of stunning limestone cliffs and turquoise inlets. Embark on scenic boat tours or hike through the Calanques National Park. Here, your active kids can swim and snorkel amidst the breathtaking natural settings. The park's well-marked trails cater to different fitness levels, making it accessible for all ages.

The town's harbour, lined with colourful houses and lively cafes, provides a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks and delicious meals. Families can enjoy fresh seafood and local specialities at waterfront restaurants while kids can watch the boats come and go.

Cassis is also home to beautiful beaches, such as Plage de la Grande Mer, a family-friendly beach with gentle waves and sandy shores. The beach is perfect for building sandcastles, swimming, and relaxing by the sea.


Nice lies along the stunning French Riviera, a vibrant city that delights families with cultural attractions, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly activities. Start your day at Promenade des Anglais, a lovely seafront boulevard for leisurely walks, bike rides, or rollerblading along the picturesque coastline. Head to the pebble beaches of Nice, such as Plage Beau Rivage and Plage du Centenaire. You can sunbathe while the kids swim and play in the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore Nice's Old Town, a maze of narrow streets filled with colourful buildings, bustling markets, and charming cafes. Explore the Cours Saleya market, where fresh produce, flowers, and local delicacies create a vibrant atmosphere. Your kids will love the lively scenes and the chance to try delicious treats like socca, a traditional chickpea pancake.

Check out the city's many parks, such as the Promenade du Paillon, which has vast green spaces with playgrounds and fountains, perfect for picnics and letting children run around. Head to Castle Hill (Colline du Château) for panoramic views of Nice and its coastline.

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