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Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination: Ideas for Newlyweds

Selecting where to honeymoon can be an exciting part of wedding planning for newly engaged couples. As you start this new chapter together, deciding on a romantic, meaningful place to celebrate your union can help set the tone for your marriage. When weighing the options of where to go after your “I dos,” consider what would make for the most memorable getaway to kick off your lives together.

Match Your Style as a Couple

First, reflect on what type of experience would suit you and your spouse best. What kind of atmosphere do you both envision for this once-in-a-lifetime trip? Perhaps you want adventure and activity like hiking, water sports or even safaris. Maybe total relaxation on sunny beaches sipping drinks by the ocean sounds ideal, or you’d prefer taking in culture and history in charming cities and towns. Determine if you’d like to immerse yourselves at a secluded escape-from-it-all retreat or be where the excitement is at a world-class resort. Talk through what environment and itinerary aligns with your interests and relationship dynamic. Then narrow down locations that fit.

Consider the Budget

Finances might be a practical point to weigh as well in selecting your honeymoon vacation spot. Set a budget and keep it in mind when researching destinations and hotels. For the most cost-effective getaways, look at all-inclusive resorts where meals, drinks and activities are included. Off-season travel can also lower rates if you have flexible dates. Or maybe this is a once-in-a-lifetime splurge; if so, perhaps you want to go all-out on an overwater bungalow at a luxury resort. Discuss your budget goals with your fiancé from the start so you pick a location realistically aligned with your financial situation.

Plan Around the Timing

When planning a honeymoon, also factor in timing. Are you getting married during rainy season for certain tropical locales when the weather may be less ideal? If so, keep that in mind. Or think about what time of year works best for taking time off from your jobs and personal obligations. You’ll want to savor this break together, so make sure your itinerary syncs up with a timeframe when you can truly unplug.

Research Top Spots

Speaking of itineraries, if you feel stuck on exactly where to venture to, look up lists of popular honeymoon destinations to spur ideas. Perennial favorite Hawaii has just the right blend of romance, activities, scenery and culture for newlyweds. Beach locales like Jamaica, French Polynesia or the Maldives also make for dreamy backdrops to begin your married days. Or perhaps European destinations like Italy, Greece or Spain appeal to your desire for charm, history and cuisine on your trip abroad together.

Lists like U.S. News’ Best Honeymoon Destinations can also inspire with everywhere from major cities to safari adventures making the cut. Even if it’s not technically a “honeymoon” spot, anywhere you both long to visit that fits the mood you hope for could work perfectly. Don’t limit yourself; choose whatever resonates. For instance, if Hawaii is your destination of choice set up flight alerts on

Ask for Recommendations

Research online for ideas, then also ask loved ones. Family and friends may suggest great locales based on their travels that help give you options. Perhaps they had their own magical trips to these spots and can describe the allure firsthand. They may know details that guide you towards or away from somewhere as your potential honeymoon escape. Consider polling members of your wedding party as well—they likely want to help send you off on an amazing first adventure together.

Weighing these key factors—your style, budget, timing and location ideas—will help set you up for an exceptional honeymoon getaway. Approach choosing this important destination thoughtfully and as a couple. Find the place that makes the most sense for this romantic chapter ahead by discussing, researching and tuning into what matters most to both spouses. The location itself ultimately matters less than having this chance to celebrate each other. Wherever you go, you’re embarking on new beginnings together. Let the honeymoon location decision reflect that spirit of adventure, joy and lifelong partnership.

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