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Travel Guide: Trip Planing

How to Pack Light for a Long Spring Getaway

The festive season is already over, but that's no reason to let the winter blues creep in. After all, spring is just around the corner, and the prospect of the first long vacation of the year is sure to brighten any gloomy outlook. However, depending on your destination, spring can be a fickle beast and packing for a vacation that may throw you snowstorms one day and blazing sunshine the next is [Continue Reading]

12 Signs That You Are Ready for Your Long-Distance Move 

Moving can be both an exciting or stressful time for anyone. People move or relocate to a new city for many reasons. Many times, you might just need a change in your life. Sometimes, you might feel compelled to take a new job or you may feel that a move is needed for you to develop as a person. Whatever the case, here are 12 signs that you are ready to make a long-distance move to a new city. [Continue Reading]

Fairytale Destinations Around the World

Imagine waking up in a new place, set in a landscape that seems out of this world. It could be a lush green forest, a picturesque little village or a breathtaking castle. These places exude a whimsical allure, giving you a feel of a fictional wonderland. These idyllic places are often described as magical and are certainly way beyond the average tourist destinations.     [Continue Reading]

10 Mistakes a First Time Traveler is Sure to Make

Everyone has a first time for everything. In travel, the first time can be very exhilarating yet very confusing. A rookie will make several avoidable mistakes than an experienced traveler would seek to avoid. Someone who has traveled a lot has experience to know the things that matter and those that don’t, and the things that should be avoided entirely. Here are some of the common mistakes [Continue Reading]

A Family Trip That is Deductible? It Can be Done

You keep your business finances and your personal finances completely separate, don’t you? Of course you do, because that is the only way to keep on top of things, and to muddle them up can lead to all sorts of problems. But sometimes there is a way to take advantage of business tax breaks that will also benefit your family, perhaps on a vacation. A Word of Warning Nobody wants a visit [Continue Reading]

10 Smart Packing Tips for Your Big Move to a New City

If you’re moving to the big city to launch your professional career, or simply for a fresh start, it’s important to just bring with you the bare necessities even if you have found for yourself a spacious home. But even if you’re only bringing an edited collection of your belongings, it’s imperative to carefully plan every single step of the process. In doing so, you can [Continue Reading]

Moving Abroad - The Essential Tips

Travelling the world can be a beautiful and eye-opening experience, however, it can be extremely daunting at the same time. With the mixture of emotions, you’ll need to ensure everything is in place prior to your changes in life and lifestyle! Here we’ve listed some top tips, or something of an essential guide to moving abroad! You Can Never Do Enough Research There are people who [Continue Reading]

How to Pack a Weekend Away into Carry-On Luggage

One of the biggest appeals of a quick weekend getaway is the low airline prices. These, however, come with a common catch. The catch being that you can’t take on any checked baggage. For most, this is enough to lose appeal. For those looking to take advantage of the ticket price, however, this post for you. Watch Your Clothes Whether you’re going to the beach, to the country, or even [Continue Reading]

Relish Your Holiday at a Peaceful Retreat

Scheduling some much needed time-off in your life is a rare occurrence, so when you get a chance to do it, it is only fair that you do it right. As much as your itinerary pretty much dictates the direction which your vacation is going to take, where you stay plays a major role in helping you relax. After a day of exploring and adventuring, you want to be able to come home to a place that is [Continue Reading]

5 Common Excuses For Not Going On Vacation And How To Conquer Them

One of the most intriguing and saddest parts about Americans is that we frequently refuse to use our vacation days. This even applies to those people who receive paid vacation days. That means you are literally paid for days to not work, yet you don’t take advantage of them. This common theme among our country is quite disheartening especially when you take into account that people facing [Continue Reading]