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Also, it is a time to celebrate and welcome the coming year and wishing happiness and success for one and all. Basically, people like to celebrate New Year with music, booze, lights, and noise! Well, what if I recommend you to spend your holiday in the laps of nature, listening to melodious]]> Asia Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/top-4-exotic-resorts-in-coorg-for-a-perfect-new-year-celebration-amidst-natural-surroundings-26445548.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/top-4-exotic-resorts-in-coorg-for-a-perfect-new-year-celebration-amidst-natural-surroundings-26445548.shtml Editor Thu, 11 Jan 2018 00:42:23 -0500 How to Pack Light for a Long Spring Getaway The festive season is already over, but that's no reason to let the winter blues creep in. After all, spring is just around the corner, and the prospect of the first long vacation of the year is sure to brighten any gloomy outlook. However, depending on your destination, spring can be a fickle beast and packing for a vacation that may throw you snowstorms one day and blazing sunshine the next is]]> Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/how-to-pack-light-for-a-long-spring-getaway-26445547.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/how-to-pack-light-for-a-long-spring-getaway-26445547.shtml Editor Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:54:10 -0500 12 Signs That You Are Ready for Your Long-Distance Move  Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/12-signs-that-you-are-ready-for-your-long-distance-move-26445546.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/12-signs-that-you-are-ready-for-your-long-distance-move-26445546.shtml Editor Thu, 14 Dec 2017 07:24:27 -0500 5 Dreamiest Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon in Dubai Asia Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-dreamiest-ways-to-spend-your-honeymoon-in-dubai-26445545.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-dreamiest-ways-to-spend-your-honeymoon-in-dubai-26445545.shtml Editor Tue, 12 Dec 2017 23:05:03 -0500 Celebrate Christmas In These 5 Great Towns North America Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/celebrate-christmas-in-these-5-great-towns-26445544.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/celebrate-christmas-in-these-5-great-towns-26445544.shtml Editor Sun, 03 Dec 2017 04:58:04 -0500 Things to Do in The Blue Mountains The iconic Blue Mountains are known across the world for their fierce natural beauty and rich, ancient history. Named after the striking blue haze that swells above the mountains created by the dense eucalyptus forests below, the world heritage area is filled with amazing attractions and things to do alongside beautiful native wildlife. Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah Photo Credit:]]> Antarctica Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/things-to-do-in-the-blue-mountains-26445543.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/things-to-do-in-the-blue-mountains-26445543.shtml Editor Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:19:42 -0500 Fairytale Destinations Around the World Imagine waking up in a new place, set in a landscape that seems out of this world. It could be a lush green forest, a picturesque little village or a breathtaking castle. These places exude a whimsical allure, giving you a feel of a fictional wonderland. These idyllic places are often described as magical and are certainly way beyond the average tourist destinations.    ]]> Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/fairytale-destinations-around-the-world-26445542.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/fairytale-destinations-around-the-world-26445542.shtml Editor Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:44:38 -0500 10 Mistakes a First Time Traveler is Sure to Make Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/10-mistakes-a-first-time-traveler-is-sure-to-make-26445541.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/10-mistakes-a-first-time-traveler-is-sure-to-make-26445541.shtml Editor Thu, 09 Nov 2017 00:57:29 -0500 A Family Trip That is Deductible? It Can be Done Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/a-family-trip-that-is-deductible-it-can-be-done-26445540.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/a-family-trip-that-is-deductible-it-can-be-done-26445540.shtml Editor Thu, 12 Oct 2017 10:58:50 -0400 5 Awesome Places in Bangkok to Visit with Your Family Bangkok is the most happening place in Thailand and truth be told, there are so many things to see and do in here that it would probably take weeks before you would be able to see everything that the capital of Thailand has to offer to its visitors. However, most people don’t go to Bangkok for very long durations at a stretch so we have selected five awesome places that you can’t miss]]> Asia Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-awesome-places-in-bangkok-to-visit-with-your-family-26445539.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-awesome-places-in-bangkok-to-visit-with-your-family-26445539.shtml Editor Sun, 17 Sep 2017 09:50:02 -0400 Top 5 Ways to Explore Dubai's Glamorous Playground Asia Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/top-5-ways-to-explore-dubais-glamorous-playground-26445538.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/top-5-ways-to-explore-dubais-glamorous-playground-26445538.shtml Editor Thu, 17 Aug 2017 23:26:13 -0400 6 Ways To Stop Stress In Its Tracks Stress is no joke. It doesn’t just make your life miserable; it can also have a long-term negative impact on both your mental and physical health. Stress also has a way of piling up on you – just one seemingly small stressful situation can lead to a spiral of anxiety that leaves you struggling to function properly. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple self-help techniques and tips]]> On the Road http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/6-ways-to-stop-stress-in-its-tracks-26445537.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/6-ways-to-stop-stress-in-its-tracks-26445537.shtml Editor Tue, 01 Aug 2017 01:28:29 -0400 10 Smart Packing Tips for Your Big Move to a New City Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/10-smart-packing-tips-for-your-big-move-to-a-new-city-26445536.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/10-smart-packing-tips-for-your-big-move-to-a-new-city-26445536.shtml Editor Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:36:42 -0400 Best Adventure Destinations Destination Guides http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/best-adventure-destinations-26445535.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/best-adventure-destinations-26445535.shtml Editor Thu, 25 May 2017 04:15:11 -0400 Benefits of Choosing to Stay in Caravans in Cornwall Europe Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/benefits-of-choosing-to-stay-in-caravans-in-cornwall-26445533.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/benefits-of-choosing-to-stay-in-caravans-in-cornwall-26445533.shtml Editor Tue, 25 Apr 2017 01:19:39 -0400 5 Notable Sights In and Around Polzeath Europe Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-notable-sights-in-and-around-polzeath-26445532.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-notable-sights-in-and-around-polzeath-26445532.shtml Editor Tue, 25 Apr 2017 01:18:37 -0400 Moving Abroad - The Essential Tips Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/moving-abroad-the-essential-tips-26445531.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/moving-abroad-the-essential-tips-26445531.shtml Editor Mon, 24 Apr 2017 09:36:00 -0400 5 Great Tips On How To Take The Best Travel Photos Travelling is awesome in numerous ways such as meeting different people, experiencing different cultures, delicious foods and wonderful sceneries. On the other hand, photography is a great tool for creating awareness across communities, cultures and countries. Besides capturing beautiful images that you can always cherish, photography also allows you to tell powerful stories through photos. Here]]> On the Road http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-great-tips-on-how-to-take-the-best-travel-photos-26445530.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-great-tips-on-how-to-take-the-best-travel-photos-26445530.shtml Editor Tue, 28 Feb 2017 08:32:21 -0500 Family Fun at the Zip Wire Europe Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/family-fun-at-the-zip-wire-26445534.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/family-fun-at-the-zip-wire-26445534.shtml Editor Tue, 20 Dec 2016 01:39:10 -0500 Are We There Yet: Simple Strategies for Mastering the Family Road Trip On the Road http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/are-we-there-yet-simple-strategies-for-mastering-the-family-road-trip-26445529.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/are-we-there-yet-simple-strategies-for-mastering-the-family-road-trip-26445529.shtml Editor Mon, 12 Dec 2016 07:11:08 -0500 How to Pack a Weekend Away into Carry-On Luggage Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/how-to-pack-a-weekend-away-into-carry-on-luggage-26445528.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/how-to-pack-a-weekend-away-into-carry-on-luggage-26445528.shtml Editor Wed, 23 Nov 2016 08:16:51 -0500 Norway: A Nature Experience at Night in the Norwegian Woodland Can art turn the dark Norwegian forest into an engulfing visual experience? Norwegians love and protect their forest and actively enjoy it, but their time in the outdoors is limited by the hours of daylight. An international trio of artists accepted the challenge posed by the question above and created a setting where the forest became enchanted in the darkness and the viewer was]]> Europe Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/norway-a-nature-experience-at-night-in-the-norwegian-woodland-26445527.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/norway-a-nature-experience-at-night-in-the-norwegian-woodland-26445527.shtml Editor Fri, 28 Oct 2016 11:47:21 -0400 Relish Your Holiday at a Peaceful Retreat Scheduling some much needed time-off in your life is a rare occurrence, so when you get a chance to do it, it is only fair that you do it right. As much as your itinerary pretty much dictates the direction which your vacation is going to take, where you stay plays a major role in helping you relax. After a day of exploring and adventuring, you want to be able to come home to a place that is]]> Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/relish-your-holiday-at-a-peaceful-retreat-26445526.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/relish-your-holiday-at-a-peaceful-retreat-26445526.shtml Editor Wed, 05 Oct 2016 01:27:04 -0400 An Experience of a Life Time Awaits You in the Rockies When it comes to finding the best location for you next heli skiing vacation, look no further than BC. As the birthplace of the sport, there’s no better place for it. Nestled in the Kootenay Rockies in the southeastern part of the province, the boutique heli skiing offered here provides unparalleled vertical, powder, and luxury. As you discover the joys of heliskiing, you’ll realize]]> North America Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/an-experience-of-a-life-time-awaits-you-in-the-rockies-26445525.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/an-experience-of-a-life-time-awaits-you-in-the-rockies-26445525.shtml Editor Mon, 12 Sep 2016 06:30:43 -0400 5 Common Excuses For Not Going On Vacation And How To Conquer Them Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-common-excuses-for-not-going-on-vacation-and-how-to-conquer-them-26445524.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/5-common-excuses-for-not-going-on-vacation-and-how-to-conquer-them-26445524.shtml Editor Fri, 19 Aug 2016 23:06:43 -0400 Relocating to Perth, WA Australia Guide http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/relocating-to-perth-wa-26445523.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/relocating-to-perth-wa-26445523.shtml Editor Thu, 21 Jul 2016 22:23:01 -0400 Ready for the Summer Adventure of a Lifetime? Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/ready-for-the-summer-adventure-of-a-lifetime-26445522.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/ready-for-the-summer-adventure-of-a-lifetime-26445522.shtml Editor Wed, 13 Apr 2016 21:12:18 -0400 Why You Need a VPN for International Traveling For most travelers today, using the Internet during the trip has become an important part for the journey. We need to check out emails, use facebooks, reading online news and even check bank balance while traveling. For this reason, most traveler will bring a laptop when traveling and use WIFI from hotels, coffee shops or airports to connect to the Internet. However, one should realize that]]> Trip Planing http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/why-you-need-a-vpn-for-international-traveling-26445521.shtml http://www.happytravelers.org/travel_guide/why-you-need-a-vpn-for-international-traveling-26445521.shtml Editor Sun, 17 Jan 2016 03:27:43 -0500