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How to Travel Across Europe on a Dime

Traveling across Europe is an exciting adventure that will allow you to soak in various cultures and take in the picturesque sites of multiple countries and terrains. While these areas are rich in culture, they don’t have to cost you a fortune to experience! Here are some tips to help you travel across Europe on a dime so you can save money for an amazing opportunity that won’t break [Continue Reading]

5 Budget-Friendly Romantic Getaways in the Caribbean

Although you may be dreaming about getting away with your honey for a few days, soaking up the rays on some sun-drenched shore while sipping Mai Tais and taking in the beautiful vistas of palm trees and cerulean surf, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that vacationing on some exotic isle might be more than a little outside your price range. And yet, with a little leg work you can find [Continue Reading]

Getting Sporty in Turkey

Image by PanARMENIAN photo As a holiday destination, Turkey has been among the most popular for Europeans for many years. With a perfect location and warm climate it is easy to understand why. Turkey is a very Liberal country compared to some of their neighbours, which may explain why so many tourists decided to have a holiday there. Perhaps a little less well known to travellers is the [Continue Reading]

Car Rental in Majorca on Holiday

The Spanish Balearic Islands is a popular holiday destination for many European holidaymakers, with over 10 million people choosing this small group of islands for their holiday in 2011. The majority of these tourists go to the larger island of Majorca, which has been famous with visitors for a long time. There are some cheap holidays to Majorca, and there is everything that you could want here. [Continue Reading]

Wanderlust's Pocket Guide to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is said to be one of Europe's most heavily trafficked destinations in terms of tourism, with over four million tourists flocking there yearly -- a fact which shouldn't be so surprising considering that it is actually a cradle for rich, classic and contemporary art, distinct architecture, and museums that are brimming with both aesthetic and historical value. If you have a [Continue Reading]

Noma: The Jewel In Copenhagen's Crown

The Danish capital has long been a popular destination for city breaks and, with a host of cheap flights to Copenhagen available, it’s easier than ever to get out there and experience the charms of this fabulous city for yourself. Copenhagen is full of delights, but no visit would be complete without tasting the exquisite food of Noma. Located on the waterfront, close to [Continue Reading]

Ten Things to do in Tenerife

The largest and most populated of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Europe. It is estimated that around five million tourists visit the island each year, taking in the stunning sights, beautiful beaches and tropical climate. On paper, everything about Tenerife is appealing – sun, sea, sand and sights – but what is there to do when [Continue Reading]

European Holidays for Toddlers and Teenagers Alike

European Holidays for Toddlers and Teenagers AlikeStealing some time abroad for a few weeks a year offers us a wonderful opportunity to spend some time as a family. It gives the opportunity to get everyone together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. For families with kids of different ages however, planning can be a little difficult. If you've got teenagers, Walt Disney World Resort [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Traveling Lightly to Spain

After a long winter, most of us are glad to see the sun shining again as we turn our thoughts towards our summer holidays. Amongst the most popular of these are affordable family trips and other cheap holidays to spain, one of the top destinations in Europe. There are many must-see places in Spain, whether it is the city of Barcelona or the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, there is something for all [Continue Reading]

Top Four Beach Resorts in Turkey

Turkey’s visually stunning beaches, sumptuous local cuisine and excellent value for money have made it one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. With the vast array of cheap holidays to Turkey on offer, however, the task of narrowing down your choice of beach resorts can feel overwhelming. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of Turkey’s top [Continue Reading]