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5 Tips for Planning a Winter Vacation in Seattle

If you’re planning an upcoming winter vacation and you’ve already been skiing in Colorado or spent Christmastime in New York, how about going to Seattle? Sure, it might not be the first place that comes to people’s mind but thanks to its many museums, its winter train tours, and the Argosy Christmas Ship Festival, it really can be one of the best winter vacations that [Continue Reading]

Booking The Best Accommodation For Your Daytona Beach Vacation

Once in a while, we all deserve a break – from school, work, or simply from the bleak, regular day-to-day routine. It’s essential and is always a worthy investment because it’s a way of caring for one’s emotional and psychological health. Those busy, pressure-packed days can really get to our heads sometimes, that judgment and perspective both become clouded. So if [Continue Reading]

Enjoy summers in San Francisco

San Francisco has the best weather when compared to the weather in Los Angeles and New York. Sunny days can hit the city anytime during the year. During the day, summers are usually foggy. It would be great if you carry a warm, hooded jacket while you plan to visit San Francisco out in the fog. Shorts also seem to be a good idea but it can get chilly by the time the sun sets. Sometimes even [Continue Reading]

5 Great Canyon Rapids

Here are the top 5 rapids for your white water outdoor adventure: Lava Falls Rapids – The Dangerous One Colorado River Running A Rapid Photo Credit Some consider Lava Falls the fiercest white water rapids in the entire Grand Canyon. You’ll need a top notch team in fit condition for this monster. Bring a towel – you’re going to get a little wet. Crystal Rapids [Continue Reading]

5 Must-See Attractions When Visiting the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are essentially where true vacationers go to vacation. If you live in Miami, this is where you go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located about an hour from Miami, the Florida Keys are like a tropical oasis that seems like a world away when you visit. Crystal blue waters, bright white beaches and the some of the best tropical weather in the world – the [Continue Reading]

5 Must-See Attractions in San Diego

Tucked along the Pacific Coast in Southern California lies one of the most magical vacation destinations. With excellent weather and tons to see, San Diego makes a perfect destination for your next summer getaway. And whether you are going solo or with the family, San Diego has fun for couples and parents with children alike. This city, which is the second largest in California, and is about a [Continue Reading]

Unusual things to do in Ottawa

The Cold War Museum Also known as a Diefenbunker, this bunker is the largest of several built across Canada in case of a nuclear attack, to serve as emergency government headquarters. Visitors can tour the war cabinet room, CBC radio studio, a vault for the Bank of Canada and the prime minister's secret suite. On the third Tuesday of the month Cold War inspired films are screened. An art gallery [Continue Reading]

The 5 Best Comedy Clubs in NYC

Most people who are looking to enjoy the nightlife that NY has to offer automatically think of music, dancing, plays or dining. It’s amazing that so many people have no clue that this wonderful city is home to quite a few awesome comedy clubs. If you are looking for the ultimate New York lounge with comedians, both known and up and coming ones, you will be disappointed because there are [Continue Reading]

The Movie Lovers Guide To New York City

If you love movies, and I’m sure you do, you’ll be very pleased to know that New York City is the place to be when it comes to watching movies and visiting places that were once used in some of the most famous movies ever. Even if you’re not the biggest movie fan in the world, you’re sure to be intrigued by what you find and what you see in New York City. Movie Sets And [Continue Reading]

A Traveller's Tale Through The Colca Canyon Volcano

Forget the Grand Canyon, the Colca Canyon just outside of Arequipa, Peru is twice as deep as America’s great valley, and what’s more, its 100km long valley is lined with still-active volcanoes. The road from Arequipa ‘The White City’ as it’s known to Peruvians is often described as the gateway to the canyon, but it’s also a beautiful town to visit in its own [Continue Reading]