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Shanghai Worth the Trip

Image by: Dorli Photography Do you remember the original Star Wars? It was actually episode 4, in which young Luke Skywalker floated very quickly, quietly and smoothly across that arid landscape, in his long-ago and far-away equivalent of a small car. As far as this planet is concerned that may be a few years away in the opposite chronological direction, but there is somewhere that you can [Continue Reading]

Visiting the stunning Lake Baikal

image by: Piero Sierra  When we look for our holidays, the same places always seem to crop up. A lot of people do not like to stray too far when going abroad and will go to the same places year on year. This can be nice as you get to know places better and get more comfortable with the locals, culture, language and cuisine, but it can become a little boring doing the same things again and [Continue Reading]

Vital Things to Consider when Booking a Bali Hotel

Bali is acknowledged as a world-renowned tourism destination. This is why the Indonesian government makes sure that the exotic island is able to offer abundant choices of accommodation in the form of five-star and budget hotels, inns, guesthouses, cottages, villas, and even small homes. With sufficient accommodation infrastructure in place, Bali tourism officials assure visitors and tourists from [Continue Reading]

Shanghai's Vegetarian Street Snacks

Yes, they do exist! But if like me you love street food sans meat, you do need to know what to ask for. For short-term visitors to Shanghai, it is understandable that this may pose a problem. Here are some helpful options for you to grab on the run while sightseeing around this fabulous metropolis. All snacks can be found at corner street stalls and will set you back just a few RMB’s each. [Continue Reading]

Where to Go in The Philippines

The Philippines has become a popular getaway for travelers looking for a great Asian destination. This archipelago---made up of 7,107 island---is home to amazing beaches and scenery that are perfect for people who want to relax and relieve themselves of the stress brought by a stressful work week. This short article aims to provide useful information to travelers who are planning a holiday here. [Continue Reading]

Lankayan Island Borneo: A Divers Paradise

An hour and half journey north from the town of Sarawak in Sabah Borneo, lies a jewel in the sea, glinting smugly against a backdrop of azure sea and palm fronds this coral flanked gem of the Sulu sea is a divers paradise. Kick back Lankayan Island is notably small, and as such there is only one place to kick off your flip flops and lay down your head, the Lankayan Island Dive resort. 16 wooden [Continue Reading]

Tranquil Temples and Gorgeous Gardens of Kyoto

Japan’s capital for over one thousand years, it’s not surprising that Kyoto still bears a close resemblance to its past glory. The city has many UNESCO world heritage sites which alone are enough to warrant a visit. It also boasts a still-working Geisha district, some of the country’s most fantastic cuisine, and all the Zen you could hope for. Kinkaku-Ji The most iconic of [Continue Reading]

Temples, Trekking And Curry : Three Secrets Of Chang Mai

Thailand’s second largest city couldn’t be more different from its first, mystical temples, bustling street markets and an abundance of lush greenery inhabit this fort-walled city, along with some of Thailand’s friendliest residents, and a few elephants. While away the morning paying homage to Buddha in the cities sacred temples, spend the night drinking Samsong in the hills with [Continue Reading]

Shanghai - The Best Place to Begin Your China Tour

With a population that exceeds 23 million, Shanghai is the largest city in the People's Republic of China and also in the world. The city is located in the Delta region of Yangtze River in eastern China. The Huangpu River splits Shanghai into two. The western side of the river is known by the name Puxi and is the older part of the city. The eastern side, Pudong, is the newer part of the city. [Continue Reading]

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand’s medical tourism industry in Thailand is on the upswing. People are consistently looking for better deals because of economic pressures at home and finding out about Thailand’s high quality health care and unbelievably low prices. Dental Implants Are Becoming Popular in Thailand As Thailand becomes a hotspot for adventure, vacation, and relaxation for travelers around the [Continue Reading]